There’s an old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

As restoration professionals, we’re very familiar with disasters—fire and water damage restoration requires specialized knowledge and skills. The nature of our work brings us close to property owners who are facing some unfamiliar challenges.

We’d like to take just a few moments to give you a quick primer on what to look for when you require a restoration expert. You may never need this information, but if you do, we think you’ll see the time spent reading this short article as time well invested.

TIP: Much of the guidance we present here applies to finding any contractor you engage to work on your property.


Since we kicked this article off with an old saying, let’s toss out another one that really applies to selecting a restoration expert: There’s no substitute for experience.

When contractors come to bid on your project, engage them in conversation and find out how long they have been in the restoration business, and while you’re at it, move the conversation along to our second topic:

Locally owned

You want a contractor who has years of experience and is also committed to your local area. For example, we often read about gypsy roofers who swoop down on a community after a major storm. Sometimes they get money and then never complete the work. Other times they do the work and then disappear, leaving the property owner stranded if there are warranty issues. This, brings us to another important point:


At Cisco, all of our work is 100 percent guaranteed and because we have years of experience and are locally owned and operated, if any additional work is required, we respond quickly and make things right.


When you combine our first three points it should add up to a lot of local satisfied customers. Contact references and be sure to check for the same kind of work you need performed at your property.


A top quality restoration professional will provide you with an upfront free estimate that details the work that must be performed. It’s always a smart idea to “get it in writing.” By the way, if you’re comparing restoration contractors, written estimates are an absolute must.

Professional commitment

Companies that are truly dedicated to providing the highest quality restoration services will be using the latest equipment and they will also be committed to continuing education and various professional associations. Again, these are topics you should explore when you discuss your job with potential contractors.

Financial assurance

Check that any contractor you hire to work on your property is properly licensed, adequately bonded and fully insured. If you inadvertently hire someone who isn’t, you could have a financial disaster on your hands on top of whatever problem you’re trying to fix with your building.

Also, make sure your contractor can work with your insurance company. You don’t need additional hassles after the work is done and you’re presented with a bill.

Follow these basic guidelines and you have your property back in great shape in the shortest amount of time.