When it comes to mold, we can learn a lot from horror stories—and it’s always best when they are other people’s horror stories. If you’ve been following the news at all for the last couple of decades, you’ve probably caught a few mold horror stories. The New York Times even ran a compilation. Here are a few highlights:

  • A 44-year-old chef in Pineville, North Carolina, had to abandon his condo after suffering all kinds of throat, joint and other ailments due to mold in his kitchen.
  • Bianca Jagger, Mick’s ex-wife, filed a $20 million suit against her Park Avenue landlord claiming he failed to fix a leak that caused mold to spread across her rented apartment.
  • A Gloucester, Massachusetts woman was awarded nearly $600,000 after she was exposed to mold in her condominium.

As you’re probably figured out by now, we could go on and on listing problems residents and building owners have faced due to mold. Add it all up and it points to the importance of full mold mitigation—not just mold removal or killing the existing mold.

Prevention Tips

The EPA offers some good tips on moisture and mold prevention and we think these are great for everyone to know. They mostly deal with the measures you need to take to prevent moisture problems in your home. If you’ve tested your home and you know that you don’t have any mold, that’s great, but make sure you understand what you need to do to keep your home free of mold.

However, if you know that mold is a problem, it’s critical that you don’t “cut corners” in your removal and remediation process. First, we want you to know that applying a biocide and killing the mold is not sufficient to prevent many of the severe health problems that can accompany the presence of mold.

Removal Measures

The mold itself must be removed. Unfortunately, the toxic chemicals and irritating proteins created by molds do not magically disappear when the mold is killed. There’s one thing to add to that: Mold contamination must be properly removed. If it is not handled correctly, the removal process can end up spreading the toxins. It can be like a cat owner vacuuming the house just before a person allergic to cats comes over for a visit; the vacuuming just tosses all the allergens into the air and makes the situation worse for the allergy sufferer.

A comprehensive mold mitigation program will safely kill and remove the mold and employ the right remediation measures to help prevent it from returning. At Cisco’s Home Restoration and Construction, we have the trained professionals and experience to do the job properly, and when the health of you and your family is at stake, that’s the only way to proceed.

Don’t take shortcuts

Among the steps we take are these: we perform water extraction, kill the mold, remove and dispose the contaminated materials, and do the necessary demolition and rebuilding to get your property restored, functional and livable.

Mold can be a pernicious problem and one that may be virtually invisible and often hidden from the human eye. Half measures at mold mitigation are never enough.